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A Guide For Secondary Air Injection System Repair And Replacement

Secondary air injection system works to eliminate emissions when the engine of the vehicle cold starts. This emissions normally result from incomplete combustion of the fuel that results from the cold starting in the cold combustion cylinders. These emissions are directed to the catalyst converter whereby the remaining fuel particles are completely burnt. The secondary air injection system helps in supplying the excess oxygen needed to make the burning of these fuel in the catalyst converter successful.

However, the secondary systems fail to work just like any other machine part. The common sign of the secondary air injection system failure is the emission of carbon particles through the exhaust pipe. If this happens, then there is a higher probability that the secondary air injection system has stopped to work. This means that the secondary air injection system needs to be repaired or replaced depending on what the owner of the car or vehicle prefers. The tips for repairing and replacing the secondary air injection system are contained in this article.

The first tip for replacing the secondary air injection system is to identify and locate the air injection pump of the vehicle. This injection pump is normally the one with a belt around it. After it is identified, the bet that is wrapped around it is removed. The removal depends on the shape of the belt. There are vehicles that have a V-shaped belt and others have a square-shaped belt. Hence one should remove the belt appropriately.

Then the next thing to be done when replacing the secondary air injection system is to remove the air pump. This is done by first removing the hose. Any clamps that keep the hose connections are first undone then the hose is removed from the air injection pump. Then the vacuumed lines and all the other electrical connections are removed from the pump too. Then the bolts of the air pump mouthing are removed. After that, the whole air pump s removed. Click this link to gain ore knowledge.

Then after the air pump is removed, the installation of the new pump is done by first installing the smog pump. Then the bolts that are on the mounting of the pump are tightened and all the connections put back to ace. After all, this is done, the air pump hoses are reinstalled. The belt that is wrapped around the injection pipe s reinstalled and the process is complete. This is a basic guide on how to replace the secondary air injection system. For further info, visit here:

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